Roots & Herbs
We pride ourself in being one of the largest Ginseng dealers in the Eastern United States. Even though last year's ginseng harvest wasn't as large as in year's past, Coffman's still purchased over 1,600 pounds of Wild Eastern Ginseng from our customers.

In addition to ginseng, we purchase a wide variety of roots and herbs
Black Cohosh root
Bloodroot root
Goldenseal (Yellowroot) root and herb
Mayapple root
Plus many other too numerous to mention

Ginseng Regulations
We adhere to all state and federal regulations regarding the purchase of medicinal roots and herbs.

West Virginia ginseng season is from September 1 through November 30.

We will purchase dry ginseng beginning the second week of September. 
All other roots and herbs can be sold to us throughout the growing season.
Saturday 9-2
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Mon-Fri 9-5
Saturday 9-2
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